Who are we?

iwanna-fish.com is brought to you by a group of friends, combination of amateurs and avid anglers. We enjoy the sport and appreciate the relaxing effect it brings us. In our casual conversation about the sport, along with some research, we discovered that the whole ecosystem supporting this great hobby is in somewhat a fragmented and declining track. On a yearly basis, there are more people giving up fishing than rookies picking it up. We also observed that in Asia, the warm pictorial of fathers bringing their sons out for fishing, sharing lessons and values in life (largely resembling a movie setting), do not happen as often. Maybe it could be due to the lack of knowledge or availability of fishing spots or maybe it could be a result of Asian culture in which consumerism takes over nature activities. In a more effluent economic perspective, globalization and technology disruption might just well be the dampening factor to the authenticity of fishing, and make it look or feel "uncool" to engage in the sport.

Therefore, determined and strong-willed not to let fishing, both as a sport and a hobby to fall through the cracks of modernization, we formed iwanna-fish.com in the pursuit to promote fishing as a sport and to facilitate FISHcation around the world. In the process, we hope our endeavour will continue to grow and sustain the whole industry ecosystem.

What are we?

iwanna-fish.com is a vertically integrated social networking portal for like-minded anglers and rookies globally to serve the purpose of long term sustainability of recreational fishing.

Through this space, we strive to co-create innovation in fishing as well as to foster bonds and friendships to bring about convenience and realization of fishing DREAMS!

We also seek to help business partners and service providers in the value chain interact with the right target audiences and grow collectively both as a business and as an industry.

We believe that globalization and technology can be leveraged to grow the industry and enhance our cool fishing sport.

What is needed?

We call out to all anglers and service providers/businesses out there to join iwanna-fish.com as a member to support and grow fishing sport worldwide.